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Welcome back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Several years after the release of the final Harry Potter movie, we finally return to this world (though 81 years before those events). The characters, environment, and culture are all entirely new. This movie has the perfect amount of old material mixed with elements from the original series. Most reboots are guilty of either being too new to feel connected (i.e. ‘ 10 Cloverfield Lane‘) or simply feel like they are rehashing classic beats (i.e. ‘Jurassic World‘). David Yates, Steve Kloves, and J. K. Rowling start a fresh series that wizard fans of any age can come to love. The story follows magizoologist Newt Scamander in 1926 who ventures to New York City on a mission. There his case full of some rather fantastic beasts opens releasing a slew of these creatures. Newt and his new friends must face the Magical Congress of the United States, muggles (or no-maj, as they are here called), beasts (of course), and dark magic as they work to keep the world safe. The movies uses Rowling’s style of foreshadowing, fantastical feats, and fun throughout. Newt himself is played by Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne. He is very quirky and…

DOCTOR STRANGE Review – 11/3/2016
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Doctor Strange is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most unique and conceptually creative movie. Marvel has taken us through World War II and inside numerous science experiments; we have seen the far reaches of the galaxy and into worlds the size of an ant; plus we have explored the conflicts between fantasy realms and the struggles of a heroic civil war. After all of this, in our current landscape of remakes and rehashed ideas, it would be tough to think of a truly original direction that Marvel could take to expand your mind. Nevertheless Doctor Strange shows us the intriguing mystical side that adds a fresh and exciting layer to this ever growing universe. This movie takes the MCU to the next level with groundbreaking original effects, a dynamic score, and lots of fresh ideas. In this 14th MCU film, the rich and egotistical neuro-surgeon Dr Stephen Strange loses the use of his hands. He seeks out help from sorcerer’s who are masters of the mystic arts and he learns to become a sorcerer himself. A fanatic group arises whose goal threatens the multi-verse and the sorcerer’s work to stop them. The movie embraces both the origin story of Doctor Strange…