Reviews / September 3, 2017

SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY Review There are few things I am more passionate about than film music, and ‘Score’ is a soundtrack fan’s dream. This new documentary has been supported by people around the world (including myself) and truly represents how much diligence and passion into creating the emotional backbone for the movies we love. Beyond that though, ‘Score’ is a skillfully produced and delivered documentary that will make anyone feel more deeply about this shamefully overlooked genre. Comprehensive doesn’t begin to describe the scope of this documentary. They talk about every aspect of film music. As soon as you start thinking that there is no more material they need to cover, you are learning about a whole new part of this process. They delve into the history and progression of this medium. They cover the composing process and working with the orchestra, mixers, and orchestrator in recording the music. We learn about scoring sessions, matching the music to the picture, and working with directors. Themes, composition techniques, and other practices of composers are covered. Obviously, there is still plenty more to learn about this ever expanding field, but Score is a terrific resource to jump start a fascination…