FIRST IMPRESSIONS “Spider-Man Homecoming” Score by Michael Giacchino
Movies , Soundtracks / June 28, 2017

After some terrific work on both Doctor Strange and the Marvel Studios fanfare, Michael Giacchino returns to the MCU to deliver the score for Sony’s ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ directed by Jon Watts. The movie is a lot of fun and the best iteration of Spider-Man on the big screen. It is a real treat for Marvel fans. Here are first impression thoughts on Giacchino’s music. This is one of the MCU’s best scores! Giacchino’s Spider-Man theme is among the most memorable of the MCU. It’s the kind of theme where casual fans’ll hum it out of the theater. The theme is heard frequently all throughout the movie in a variety of styles including heroic, adventurous, soft, and playfully. It is even heard during the IMAX intro, showing that Marvel may be finally learning how to promote their music and themes right. It even gets a cool rendition through the end credits with lots of varied instrument styles, like what he did with Doctor Strange. Some of my favorite music from the movie was the plucky staccato version of the new SpiderMan theme when Peter is just being a teenager. Besides the theme for Spider-Man / Peter Parker, there are a few…

Soundtracks / January 12, 2017

1. Words can be distracting. Often when I listen to music I want to focus on the essence of the music. The musical harmonies, tones, and pitches are truly the heart of what we hear. Often times the words of the lyrics can pull away from that. They can be distracting. While trying to do something else, your mind can inadvertently focus on the words of the music. With no words to hear, your attention is less distracted leaving you free to concentrate however you choose. 2. Emotional Catalyst In movies the soundtrack becomes the catalyst to cement the emotions that the director wants you to feel. We all remember times when the score of a film made of feel something inside. That experience is can also happen outside of the movies. Simply replaying certain segments again can help you to feel joyful, proud, relaxed, powerful, exhilarated, happy-go-lucky, hopeful, bitter, strong, sad, contemplative, relieved, and any number of other feelings. A lot of what we do in life is just so that we can the emotions that we want to feel. 3. Overall Impression of Film Another thing that I especially enjoy about soundtracks is how they give me a…