2016 Movie Favorites
Movies / January 2, 2017

Here is my list of some of my favorite parts of different movies from 2016. I tried to stay away from most of the usual categories and do some that are different than most. Let me know if you have any comments and share with people what some of your picks would be. Enjoy! – BEST MOVIE: 1st ‘La La Land’; 2nd ‘Captain America: Civil War’ ‘La La Land’ is one of the most joyful, beautiful, and emotional movies that I have ever seen. The acting, music, story, dancing, and camera work are all a joy to beheld in what is sure to become a modern classic that harkens back to some of classic Hollywood’s best. Civil War was the perfect culmination of everything that Marvel fans have come to enjoy from this over a dozen movie large monolithic superhero franchise. – BEST SCENE: 1st The airport fight – ‘Captain America: Civil War’; 2nd The card heist – ‘Now You See Me 2’ In Civil War, after several exhilerating sequences we see all of our favorite characters clash in 17 minute long battle that comic book fans had only previously dreamed of seeing. Even if you didn’t like the rest…

EDDIE THE EAGLE Review – 1/21/16
Uncategorized / October 18, 2016

With the 2016 Olympics only a few months away, Eddie the Eagle is a perfect movie to feel the triumph and aspiration of these Olympic heroes. Sports movies are a genre of their own that is often fit into a standard mold and are known to be predictable. Eddie the Eagle feels fresh by staying true to traditional style and by helping the audience to experience a sport that we never attempt, let alone compete in. The movie follows the true story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards who became a record setting British ski-jumper in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Eddie himself is portrayed by the young British actor Taron Egerton (‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’). He shows to the audience the determination and disappointment that is felt throughout his journey. Egerton plays a character who is physically weak and always the underdog, compared to being a cocky and strong hero in ‘Kingsman’. He is supported by the endlessly manly Hugh Jackman who, as a shamed and retired ski jumper, extensively trains Eddie uniquely in order for him to be ready to overcome each challenge that they face. Christopher Walken’s role, while necessary, was somewhat disappointing. Among my favorite characters was Eddie’s mum,…