Reviews / June 1, 2017

Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe has finally produced a good, solid movie. It has taken four movies over four years, but ‘Wonder Woman’ has broken the mold to be an adventure for audiences, fans, and critics to all enjoy. DC has taken a step back to focusing on plot and character in order to craft a grounded story separate from their past three attempts. Despite it not being perfect, this first modern female superhero film is inspiring, engaging, and a great improvement from the numb grittiness of DC’s universe. ‘Wonder Woman’ takes us back to her origins as a young goddess living with the Amazons and then joining a spy for the British to help end World War I and defeat Aries, the god of war. This change of setting helps to make this distinct from DC’s other installments and keeps it fresh, bright, and colorful. The “World War setting as an origin for a superhero prequel movie preparing for an upcoming major team up film” can make it seem from afar like it is similar to the first Captain America movie The movie does have typical prequel issues since we know that Wonder Woman won’t die and we can…