Reviews / July 6, 2017

With great intellectual property rights comes great responsibility. Marvel and Sony are finally working together to bring us a Spider-Man movie set in the popular, ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (which is the 16th movie in the massive franchise). The movie has all of the fun and excitement that are standard fare in the MCU while also taking Spidey in a fresh direction. After the epic events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (though it still isn’t entirely clear in what year this takes place), Peter Parker is trying to balance his life as a friendly neighborhood superhero and a normal high school student. He discovers a criminal group lead by Adrian Toomes (aka The Vulture) and has to work to stop them. The movie does a clever job of keeping this plot lines working together. It never feels like the movie gets distracted or can’t handle its different tones. In actuality, the film’s over arching plot of Peter trying to prove his self worth feels self-referential of Spider-Man’s disappointing recent history in cinema. Following five feature films, this is a new type of Spider-Man. He is involved in activities that we haven’t seen from this character before. We get to…

FIRST IMPRESSIONS “Spider-Man Homecoming” Score by Michael Giacchino
Movies , Soundtracks / June 28, 2017

After some terrific work on both Doctor Strange and the Marvel Studios fanfare, Michael Giacchino returns to the MCU to deliver the score for Sony’s ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ directed by Jon Watts. The movie is a lot of fun and the best iteration of Spider-Man on the big screen. It is a real treat for Marvel fans. Here are first impression thoughts on Giacchino’s music. This is one of the MCU’s best scores! Giacchino’s Spider-Man theme is among the most memorable of the MCU. It’s the kind of theme where casual fans’ll hum it out of the theater. The theme is heard frequently all throughout the movie in a variety of styles including heroic, adventurous, soft, and playfully. It is even heard during the IMAX intro, showing that Marvel may be finally learning how to promote their music and themes right. It even gets a cool rendition through the end credits with lots of varied instrument styles, like what he did with Doctor Strange. Some of my favorite music from the movie was the plucky staccato version of the new SpiderMan theme when Peter is just being a teenager. Besides the theme for Spider-Man / Peter Parker, there are a few…