Movies / January 24, 2017

Today, the title for Star Wars – Episode VIII was announced as THE LAST JEDI. This certainly has an epic feel to it that was hinted at even in The Force Awakens’ opening crawl. Announcements like this are always followed by fan responses, so here are mine. Many people aren’t too concerned about the actual title that is given to a particular work, but I feel that they are very important as those few words will come to represent that entire 2hr+ movie. I’m actually not a big fan of the new title for Episode VIII for a few reasons. It may grow on me though. I’ll admit that I still don’t like the title ‘The Force Awakens’. Here is my list of reasons for why I am not fully on board with this title. 1. We’ve already had a Star Wars movie that is abbreviated as ‘Jedi’. This new title makes it difficult to shorten the names for the 2. This breaks the trend of each trilogy having a movie that begins with the following letters “A”, “T”, & “R” (it’s nit-picky, I know). 3. The Last Jedi title seems more like a title for a finale, not the…